I'm using client certificates in PKCS#12 on a Nokia E70 (Symbian S60 3rd Edition) to authenticate against a mail server via SSL. This works perfectly.

But it's really annoying, because at every connection the phone asks me about me PIN to the phone key store for the certificates. I *HAVE* to enter a 6-digit-pin (123456 ;-).

When going to Settings -> Security -> Module PIN there is an option "Module PIN Request" which can be turned off:

«Module PIN request - Set the phone to request the module Personal Identification Number (PIN) when using services provided by the security module. Enter the code, and select "On". To disable the module PIN request, select "Off".» (http://europe.nokia.com/faqsearch/Sh...alse&cat=6&qt=)

But I CAN'T change this option at all.

Seems to be a bug or what? Asking everything about the PIN makes the whole system unusable!

Ideas welcome!

... Thomas