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    Run SIPExample in 3.0 got a 415 error?

    In SIPExample,I tested it in 3 PC. 2 PC run Epoc and 1 run Sip Server(download from NOKIA).
    Enable profile OK, but when I sent invite to the other EPOC, it returned a 415(Unsupported Media Type) error.
    I found out so many people had the same error, but I didn't find a solution.
    Someone said I must anounce the media type in ECOM, but I didn't quite know what I should do in this exmple.
    Did anyone have got the way to pass this ERROR? Please give me some tips.

    Thanks so.....much~!

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    Re: Run SIPExample in 3.0 got a 415 error?

    I also tested that application using 3 PCs, but its working fine for me.i think becoz of ECom resolver Plugin it is giving that error. just check the ResolverPlugin class for KMedia and KMediatype info. and aslo check that resolverPlugin.dll is created or not.


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