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    S60 3rd Ed Application icon


    i have the following problem:

    I have successfully ported application from S60 2nd ed to S60 3rd ed and i can see application icon when i start my application and in the phone menu if i select list view, but there is no icon (only default app icon) if i switch to grid view.
    Am i missing something here ?

    thank you very much.

    Here is my application_reg.rss

    localisable_resource_file = qtn_loc_resource_file_1;
    localisable_resource_id = R_LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO;
    group_name = "MyApplications";


    and here is my application.rss


    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // r_localisable_app_info
    // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    RESOURCE LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO r_localisable_app_info
    short_caption = qtn_caption_string;
    caption_and_icon =
    caption = qtn_caption_string;

    number_of_icons = 1;
    icon_file = "\\resource\\apps\\application.mif";

    // End of File

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    Re: S60 3rd Ed Application icon

    Number of icons that you have is 1,this could be the problem. If I recall correctly you need set of two icons: 44x44 and 42x29, if you are missing one then it's possible that it cause all troubles.
    Try to change number of icons to 2 and include both in your .mif file.

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    Re: S60 3rd Ed Application icon

    Nope the number is excatly correct. With mif you have only one image that will be scaled by the system automatically. For mbm's in 3rd edition, I'm not sure how many there should be, sofar I have used 3 instead of 2 (as it was with 1st & 2nd edition)

    I would bet that the line "localisable_resource_file = qtn_loc_resource_file_1;" causes the problem.


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