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    Problem relating smil file!!!

    I have created a MMS application(in series60 3rd Edition) which make use of smil file.
    I am having a silly problem with the audio tag in smil file.
    I am trying to send the smil file along with the image file, text file and audio file as a MMS from my application.

    The problem which arises is when i use the audio tag in smil file as follow:
    <audio src="Birthday.amr"/>
    then my MMS is not played as presentation on the recipient end but components of MMS are recieved as slides...

    But if i make a little change(make use of backward slash instead of forward slash) in the audio tag as follow:
    <audio src="Birthday.amr"\>
    then MMS is played as presentation on the recipient end!!

    I am totally surprised with this behaviour of smil file as correct version of using the audio tag is first one not the second one.

    Could anybody please try to sort out this behaviour!!!

    Waiting for ur early reply!!
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