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    Rebirth of com.nokia.mid.ui proprieptary API?

    hello FN Team,

    I wanted to raise a question if com.nokia.ui api library could be redesigned.
    There are many things that could be asked/pointed here but I want to mention only few ones:

    real world test-case:
    N93 device and full-canvas midlet app like e.g. OperaMini

    there are possible three different layouts for such application and that device:
    - portrait
    - landscape - soft-keys layout on left side
    - landscape - soft-keys layout on right side
    using only Canvas.getWidth()/Canvas.getHeight() is not enough in that test-case scenario becasue custom soft labels can be drawn either or left side or right side of screen.
    (please run OperaMini on N93 to see how application suffers from usability point of view)

    question: can be screen layout added either as accessible via Nokia User Interface method or as system property (with Constants values defined in API though)?

    real world test-case:
    application with few threads, some for main GUI thread, other for network related work. At runtime application is not awared about low-battery state and just after application starts doing heavy work device shutdown.

    I've been reading Nokia and JavaVerified test criteria and one of condition to met is to be sure that application is not power-hungry (taking it stright). However battery level is not accessible via any system property or additional api so how that could be achieved except of providing well-designed/tested application and wish-full thinking?
    By contrast even Adobe FlashLite 1.1/FlashLite 2 have access to battery level while there is much more reasons to provide that information to Java platform.

    I've remember that Hartti noted on Java Di-Bo section to submit that request to MIPD 3.0 JSR group but why we can't have that as optional property exposed via Nokia UI Api (property/getter)?

    real world test-case:
    FN example MIDP application demonstrating JSR-75 FileConnection api (ImageViewer midlet). At runtime it reads device dirs and user can select for example image from Gallery to be loaded into application.
    However because current devices can take quite decent ammount of data into picture (1.2M in older 6680, 3.2 M in current N73/N93, 5M in upcoming N95) even FN example application fails to load such image into application.
    Why there is no method like in C++ for creating thumbs using underlying api and exposing such byte data to MIDP application?

    I doubt if any of above will be ever discussed as JSR (JCP) process in near feature so I think that some optional Nokia specific api could be redesigned whilst preserving general compability of Nokia java implementation with JTWI/MSA and optional API sets,

    is someone want to add something, especially in test-case scenarios for FN team please share,


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    Re: Rebirth of com.nokia.mid.ui proprieptary API?


    Because of the holidays and vacations I doubt any one notices this. Drop me an e-mail with the URL and I'll forward it on.


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    Re: Rebirth of com.nokia.mid.ui proprieptary API?

    I'm sorry it took so long to get a response.

    I wanted to raise a question if com.nokia.ui api library could be redesigned.
    The Nokia UI API is no longer being developed, the focus is on standard API's at this time.


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