I'm new to this platform and forum, so am quite ignorant. I'm attempting to port an existing somewhat complex MIDP 2.0 application to the Nokia/Symbian OS phones. The application runs on a wide variety of other MIDP devices.

There seems to be such a wide variation of emulator performance and correctness that I wonder if the same degree of variation will be encountered on the real Nokia devices.

With Carbide 1.5j installed in Eclipse, the S60 3rd edition SDK, and the S80 Developer Platform 2.0 for MIDP SDK also loaded, I tried my application in 5 emulators all with preference settings unchanged from default, using the Carbide tools to install it from the file system:

1. Prototype_4_0_S60_MIDP_Emulator: Characters typed into text fields took about 10 seconds to appear. If any part of the text scrolled out of the box it was usually lost. Thus I was not able to successfully edit the default value of the URL to which my application was to connect, since only part of the string was used in the attempt to connect. The screen repaints repeatedly an inordinate number of times.

2. Prototype_4_0_S40_240x320_MIDP_Emulator: This was about 2-4x faster than #1 (still very slow compared to the Sun WTK emulators and #3 and 5 below), much slicker in its presentation, and worked correctly in my brief tests.

3. S60_Emulator from the S60 3rd Edition: The MIDP platform property mentions Nokia6630/S60_3_0_200. Has better performance than #2 and slicker UI. There is some problem making a TCP connection that is either a configuration mistake of mine or a networking bug -- after asking me to choose an "access point" and supplying only the alternative "Winsock", the connection attempt eventually times out partway through the application's negotiation with the server, which gets an EOF exception. (That is, the connection is opened, a conversation between the two parties ensues, but partway through, someone cannot read what is expected next.)

4. Prototype_4_0_S80_640x200_MIDP_Emulator: Even slower than #1, works up to a certain point, but then gets null pointer exceptions in the application code that no other device produces.

5. S80_DP_2_0_MIDP_SDK emulator: This is slick and high performance, but seems to have correctness problems. Notably, I was stymied by being unable to save the options (user, password, connection URL) I edited in order to connect to the server, and which could be saved properly from all the other emulators above and all the other devices on which the application runs. The Command to do this was simply not available on any control on the display.

I'd appreciate recommendations about which emulators to use for testing and comments on how faithfully they emulate the actual devices. Thanks.