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    license issue with carbide express ?

    just got hold of the carbide express v1.1.. installed it ok (I didnt uninstall v1.0..)

    when I had a quick look on the about page there is a 'licenses' sub menu..

    should this be there on carbide express..??

    I have been able to get the helloword app going - so it looks like it's working ok... but does this mean that there's a time limit on carbide express now..?? OR will I be sent the license when I connect to the internet..??


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    Re: license issue with carbide express ?

    Not 100 % sure, but if I remember right, the express is actually same as the other versions, and if you later get licences for other versions, you could use the original installation.

    Anyway, I'm assuming its like this, haven't actually read the docs too well, thus I might be mistaken.


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    Re: license issue with carbide express ?

    I have Express 1.1 and Professional 1.1 installed right now and there is quite a discrepancy in installation sizes.

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