What is MMS?
MMS refers to Multimedia Message Service for Mobile device MMS is different from SMS service , When SMS don't support nothing but text or some limited graphs MMS is able to support audio, video, text, pictures, animations and even more.
Also when SMS don't support more than 160 characters per one SMS, MMS depend on the size of the total message in (KB) that means free larges text in one MMS.
So now images from Mobile Camera or from WAP site or even those you add to your phone with cable or by Bluetooth transfer you could transfer them around the world with simple steps using the MMS revolution.

What is EMS?
EMS (Enhanced Message Service) is the step between SMS and MMS it has some of the MMS function like sending formatted and colored TEXT, Some sample Graphics and some Audio files which are simple like Ring tones.
EMS is being used by some limited phones because it's being supported by old Networks instead of MMS which need (2G) or (3G) network.
The (3G) network might support very large MMS size while the (2G) may limit the MMS size to 100 KB only.

What is WAP PUSH method?
WAP Push is a technology to deliver MMS message or some Multimedia content to mobiles that don't have MMS client this is very great to old generation mobile devices and works great with closed operators as well.
The WAP PUSH message is a simples SMS contains a URL that your phone will understand and visit once your order it to open the message.

General Packet Radio Service, wireless communications which runs at speeds up to 115 kilobits per second, compared with current GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) systems' 9.6 kilobits.

When you receive MMS or WAP PUSH message the data is being transferred for your mobile using the GPRS wireless connection to transfer the content to your phone.

Most operators charge their client when using the GPRS while some leave it for free. With GPRS you are able to surf the WAP sites send and receive MMS and also send and receive E-Mails if your mobile has a mail client and some of the new application that I heard about but never tried is the GPRS Chat which gives you the ability to chat to your friends using the GPRS connection that means low cost or it might means free of charge for some mobile users.

As I'm interested in the mobile industry I spent a long time to find an MMS enabled website I begin searching for free MMS websites then the search becomes a dream then it goes with the wind.
I tried many keyword free MMS, Send MMS, send free MMS, MMS mobile, send MMS mobile, Multimedia message ….. And many more.
I also tried to look for paid service but is was only available for Vodafone users and were only limited for a country or area but I never met a world wide MMS website.

I know that the internet full of many sites that offer the MMS messaging service but they are all using the WAP PUSH method and that is useless when you need to make sure that the message delivered to the mobile it self, also you can't keep the MMS as whole you may save Picture or download Multimedia file (Audio or Video) and also your are able to read the text but you still not able to keep the whole MMS with all contents.

But since I'm writing this I might tell you that I find ALOMMS http://www.alomms.net , not sure about that but I may say that it is the only website that deliver the MMS directly to the mobile device without the WAP PUSH method even that you can find a link fro WAP MMS and I guess that is to guarantee deliver the MMS to operators that close the network and limit it to only internal MMS traffic and keep rejecting the foreign addresses.

In my own mind I see that ALOMMS as an MMS gateway might move the MMS industry on and that might give us many more websites that allow us to send multimedia contents and I wonder when I can launch my own MMS website.