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    Carbide.ui Saving Error, Please Help!

    Hi, I´m new here... I was trying to make a theme for my N90 with Carbide.ui, this is not my first time doing it, but now, when I tried to save the theme, it gave me an error: com.nokia.themeapp.model.ThemeGraphic...
    Could someone help me, please?

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    Re: Carbide.ui Saving Error, Please Help!

    If you still want to try Carbide.ui I would advice you to download a new version(3.1.1) and give it another try...

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    Re: Carbide.ui Saving Error, Please Help!

    Please help me... I have successfully created a keypair and certificate and have it signed thru symbiansigned.com. With that I can package the theme I already created and have it installed on my N73. But when I try to apply it or even just a simple preview it, i always got the error message "Theme corrupted" or "Application is busy" and my theme will go back to its default theme which is nokia the blue with circles theme. What shall I do... Please help me asap...

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