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    Reference document

    I´ve had a very hard time finding any reference document about which css-styles are supported by which phones (i feel like i´m finding an easter egg hidden in the deepest darket corner of nokia homepages).
    If such documents exist (which they really should) could i get a link to them or some similar documentation.

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    Re: Reference document

    Don't depend on css styles. Some phones don't even support inclusion of css files, but only inline css. Other phones just display the inline css on screen, and only work withn included css files (even worse !) Best thing to do is use the basic css styles to make it look fancy, but also check how it looks like without the css.

    Note: especially the background-image property works on random phones and firmwares.

    There is a collection of Useragent files which tells something about css, but not which properties....

    Here is UAProf link

    UAProf of 6630 is

    and look for "text/css"

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