I'm having trouble making one executable in our app switch orientation. We have a player which has little/no UI, and that works fine now (just needs some icons duplicating and moving around). However, we have a 'browser' application which contains some panes and list boxes. It seems to me that this should just work, but it doesn't.

The best I've managed to do is to make it switch once - that's by calling SetOrientation( EAppUiOrientationX ) in AppUI::HandleScreenDeviceChangedL(), but I'm fairly sure that is supposed to be called once, not every time the screen is rotated, so after it has been called with one orientation, AppUI::HandleScreenDeviceChangedL() isn't called again. Clearly, this isn't what I want.

Other attempts seem to result in it the 'tabs' staying at the top of the screen (when switching from portrait to landscape), when they should be at the bottom.

I suspect this is going to be impossible for people to help me with, since you'd need the entire code, but I thought I'd ask....since I'm running out of ideas.