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    Question Automatic mobile switch on/off

    Automatic mobile switch on/on


    Hi Friends

    In my application I want to implement a function which will automatically my mobile will be on/off.

    Any body have idea to solve this problem.

    Any person have sdk or document then reply me soon.

    It is very urgent for me.

    Email: ram_balak@yahoo.com

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    Re: Automatic mobile switch on/off

    i dont find much information related to this in the forum too.most of the threads are not answered. but i do find this one http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=12619
    but its doesnt give a promising answer.
    If you are looking for a restart you could go for

    And coming to restarting the phone, you need to do something like the Alarm which even works when the phone is off.

    But about the api's again im left blank :(


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