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    "Synchronization Profile" on Nokia E50?


    I'm one of the many "lucky" people who own a Nokia E-Series phone (E50), which does not work properly with the Bluetooth carkit. Making and receiving phone calls works perfectly, but the carkit fails to load the phonebook.

    My the carkit worked well with my old Nokia 6310i (including phonebook access). I'm posting this for the BMW carkit, but I assume the phonebook problems with the Nokia E-series are the same on many types of carkits.

    Because the actual cause (and possible solution) were unclear to me, I did some research about Bluetooth, the Nokia E50, and the BMW carkit (BMW Bluetooth, latest model).


    Initially I thought of Bluetooth as "a standard", but now I understand it is merely a "collection of standards", namely the so-called Bluetooth profiles.

    The Bluetooth standard defines a number profiles, and Bluetooth devices can only communicate with each other when they share one or more profiles.

    A good list of Bluetooth profiles can be found at Wikipedia:

    At first sight, following Bluetooth profiles seem important/interesting for the operation of a Bluetooth carkit:

    Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
    Headset Profile (HSP)
    Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)
    SIM Access Profile (SAP, SIM)
    Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)

    Many articles accross the internet also mention "OBEX", but OBEX is not in this list, and it seems that OBEX is rather a binary communications protocol that is used by some of the Bluetooth profiles:

    According to serveral sources, following Bluetooth profiles are based on OBEX (are there any others?):

    Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP)
    Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)
    Object Push Profile (OPP)
    File Transfer Profile (FTP)
    Basic Imaging Profile (BIP)
    Basic Printing Profile (BPP)

    2. NOKIA E50

    According to the Bluetooth website, the Nokia E50 supports the "OBEX profile":


    This is the list of supported Bluetooth profiles:

    HandsFree-AG (1.0)

    To my surprise, in this list "OBEX" is used as a profile name. Does this mean that GOEP and SYNCH are supported by the phone?

    For comparison, I also checked the list of supported profiles for my old Nokia 6310i:


    The list of supported profiles for 6310i:

    HandsFree-AG (1.0)

    Both lists look more or less the same for the carkit-related functions (HFP, HSP, OBEX), so one would expect that the connection with the carkit should be the same for both Nokia models?


    Very little information is available about the Bluetooth profiles used by the BMW carkit, but according to some posts that I found on the internet, the BMW carkit needs the following profiles in order to show the phonebook: Synchronisation Profile (SYNCH).

    Some other posts simply mention that "OBEX" is required, but as far as I know, this is not an official profile, so they actually mean "Synchronisation Profile (SYNCH)"? Is my assumption correct?


    My first conclusion is that my old Nokia 6310i supported the "Synchronisation Profile (SYNCH)", and my brand new Nokia E50 doesn't support it (or at least doesn't support it in the same way)?

    On the other hand, the Nokia E50 supports the more advanced "SIM Access Profile (SAP)", whereby the carkit complete takes over all functions of the mobile phone, by accessing directly the SIM card. But this is not supported by the BMW carkit, so this is not an option neither...

    5. SOLUTION?

    We already know that the Bluetooth stack in the Nokia E50 includes support for the OBEX protocol, and that the "Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)" is based on OBEX.

    Question: is it technicaly possible to develop an S60 application, which implements the "Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)"?

    I'm convinced this is possible, because I found to examples on the Nokia website, of programs that implement some kind of communication on top of the OBEX protocol:



    Are there any developers here, who have experimented already with these examples? Or even better, who have tried to implement the "Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)"?

    Another possibility might be that the "Synchronization Profile (SYNCH)" will be included in the next software update by Nokia?

    All comments or answers to the above article are extremely welcome!

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Re: "Synchronization Profile" on Nokia E50?

    This is a developer's question but you might also want to ask most of these questions on the Nokia users discussion board.

    I think much of this is end user issues.


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    Re: "Synchronization Profile" on Nokia E50?


    i just found this topic by searching the internet.
    Are there any news?
    I am running into the same problems for mobile connections with E61 and Opel build-in carkit.
    I found there is one software which enables missing AT-commands for symbian OS s60 mobiles, but so far there is unfortunatly no support for s60v3 devices.

    Hope to get some information, maybe it's possible to write an application to enable necessary functions on our mobile phones.

    Best regards

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    GM (Opel) has to implement this (Nokia PC Suite or OMA SyncML DS). In the mean time beam each contact to your car kit individually.

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