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    Red face Which language should I use to make my application


    I am planning to design and develop a new Application on Symbian OS, for NOKIA phone. For this I am very much confused to use which Language for my application, C++, python or JAVA.

    My application is like real-time implementation on mobile , with no gui stuff. This particular application will always be running on mobile. This application will be internally calling other application of Mobile.

    So if already made application on Mobile , like SMS, in which ever language it is .., then which language should I use to make my aplication.

    Being I am need to development prospective on mobile OS.., Ur inputs will help me alot.

    - Amardeep

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    Re: Which language should I use to make my application

    As you need a server kind of application with out any UI, it's better to go for C++. Using other languages you will have a restricted access to most of the functionality. More over C++ is the native language for Symbian OS. You can find examples with the SDK and just search in this forum will bring you lot of threads discussing the background applications.

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    Re: Which language should I use to make my application


    Thanks for the answer.

    Apart from the "running application in back ground".., how efficient and easy is it to make application and to call other applications of Mobile.

    As my simple argument is :
    " If Symbian is supporting other language too.., like J2mE.., then it should be capable to accessing of there application of mobile OS , like SMS. "

    So I guess libirary should be there for all supporting language that Symbian OS supports. Which is easy to make ?

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    Re: Which language should I use to make my application

    I'm confused in choosing the language too. I prefer Java and C++.
    What I'm considering is
    learning curve, which one is more quick to get started,
    resource available, book, samples, user groups

    I also don't know if the java for symbian is just like other j2me, or the c++ for symbian is just like other ISO c++?

    I don't have time to try java first, then c++, then I got the conclusion.
    Any overall suggestions?

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    Re: Which language should I use to make my application

    Java for Symbian is just like any other J2ME.

    C++ is not quite like ISO/ANSI C++ (because ANSI C++ wasn't fully defined when some of the Symbian/EPOC32 C++ mechanisms were constructed & they didn't necessarily apply then anyway; so, you'd have to learn Symbian-specific C++ things like descriptors, active objects, and Symbian's way for exception handling, etc.).

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