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    Nokia 6234 software update crashes

    Okay just got a nokia 6234 and wanted to upgrade the firmware.
    downloaded the software updater after having succesfully used pc suite to access my phone using the software from the cdrom that came with my phone.
    When I install the software updater it says it needs to install a new nokia connectivity cable driver. so fine, but after doing this the phone isn't able to be seen by the computer and the software updater software dies with a report for microsoft. "Nokia Service Layer Host Process has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
    this repeats a few times before killing itself.
    had to do a complete remove and reload the pcsuite, and then removed the conectivity driver and installed the one from the cdrom. that works for pc suite but updater still crashes.

    I'd love to upgrade the firmware and am unable to see a nokia care point as they are 250kms away as I live in a rural town in New Zealand.

    thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Nokia 6234 software update crashes

    As yours isn't a developer question, try this discussion forum instead:

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