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    Select Access Point prompt in Midlet

    Hi gurus,
    I'm facing some problems related to the "Select Access point" dialog that appears when running a midlet with network access. Posts read in forums haven't cleared 100% my doubts, or confusing me.

    AFAIK, when a midlet wants to open a "socket://" connection to a remote host:
    (1) the user is asked for granting permission for establishing the connection. This is not needed in trusted midlets, so far now, no problem.
    (2) the system shows a prompt dialog with the available access points, so that the user can select the appropiate one. Note that the dialog appears even another connection is established in the phone.

    The second dialog is the one that i want to avoid.
    - Is there a way to select a default IAP for each Midlet?
    - I'm currently running an unsigned midlet, may the signing process help to avoid the prompt (i.e when another conn is already established)?
    - Does exist ANY way to avoid the prompting dialog? I know that in SymbianC++ an IAP can be specified when opening a connection, an the "select" dialog does not appear. Has J2ME in Symbian Devs, any similar procedure?

    My current target is a Nokia E60 Device.

    Thanks in Advance.


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    Re: Select Access Point prompt in Midlet


    (1) The default access right even for signed midlets is not "always allowed", but "ask once per session", but the user can manually change the setting to "always allowed" after installation (except on some operator branded devices)

    On S60 phones there is not means to avoid the APN selection dialog (whereas on Sries 40 phones the MIDlets can only use the default APN (which needs to be defined)


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