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    HELP !auto-reply sms system (using 8250 & VB6)

    Hi everyone ,

    I am new to here, i'm posting here to see if anyone would help me out with the problem i faced. Now, i am plan to do a system that to perform the below task.

    1. Listen for incoming SMS,if message received the system will copy the SMS
    message and save to database(or file)

    2. Delete the SMS instantly after the copy and save process completed(this is the avoid more incoming SMS and causes sim card/phone memory full)

    3. System then will read the SMS message from database(or file) and intepret the keyword in the SMS
    for example: GET 12345 ABC (i would like the system to able, identify different keywords to perform different respond, white space will
    be used to determine end of the keyword)

    4. (optional) if possible i would like the system to be customise to be respond on certain keyword (system admin will able to set the desire keyword
    and the system responds.)

    5. Later the system will be respond according to keyword in the SMS received (for example, SMS message received keyword is TITLE and system will respond back with a SMS "Hello world" ps. each difffernet set of keyword will have a different set of respond)

    GSM device: Nokia 8250
    Connectivity: irDA (Kingsun KS-959 USB infrared adapter)
    Database: mySQL
    Programming Languange: Visual Basic6

    after some articles in the web, i found out that there are 2 methods; either using At command with MSComm, or using Nokia Connectivity SDK 3.0 . for the moment, i don't know which method is more easy to use and which is more user friendly.

    anyone could give me some suggestion on how to build this auto reply sms system?

    best regard,

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    Re: HELP !auto-reply sms system (using 8250 & VB6)

    okay, this is from my personal experience!

    MSCOMM CAN be easier approach, as u will be coding like normal VB6. You only need to find out the correct set of AT COMMANDS to be sent, and process the recevived event.

    If u go for SDK3.0 (im not sure what version of OS does 8250 run on) if its an old version prior to s602nd ed. U can easily use pc suite's API. SDK 3.0 even has few samples that can get u started over this!


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    Re: HELP !auto-reply sms system (using 8250 & VB6)

    It is easy to build the application.
    You can use sdk 3.0 where lot of samples is found

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    Re: HELP !auto-reply sms system (using 8250 & VB6)

    i download the the SDK 3.0 and tried out some of the example codes
    works ok individually, using nokia 8250 !!!

    BUT when i trying out the SAMPLEs on messaging,ERROR occurs

    error 61503: unsupported device connected.
    WHY this happened????
    i use nokia 8250 !!!

    any solution to it???

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    Re: HELP !auto-reply sms system (using 8250 & VB6)

    can this Connectivity SDK 3.0 used with visual basic 2005??

    any examples on it ???

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