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    Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?


    I own a Nokia N80 Internet Edition. After talking to my SIP-Provider we found out that it does not work, because of the missing possibility to set a STUN-Server.

    The problem is, that I really need to use this provider with my Nokia N80ie!!!

    I need to find a solution...

    Okay so far. I read a lot about editing XML-Files and about the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)... and also about Client Provisioning... a.s.o.

    So I downloaded different documentations about these topics.

    * OMA_DM_Management_Object_for_Nokia_VoIP_Rel_2_0_v1_0_en.pdf
    * Nokia_S60_VoIP_Rel_2_0_Configuration_Tutorial_v1_0_en.pdf
    * S60_Platform_OMA_Client_Provisioning_v2_0_en.pdf
    * OMA DM: Management Object for NATFW

    And a Zip file with different XML-Files... w9010.txt, w9013.txt,... (Voip Rel. 2.0 stuff).

    I also watched the webinar about provisioning.

    But still it's not clear to me, what to do...

    They talk about a Terminal User Interface... what is this? Where can I find? Is it kind of an Remote-Server-Application for S60 phones? (It sounded like that!)

    How can I put my STUN-Server-Settings onto my Nokia N80?

    Maybe there's a good tutorial for compiling SIS-Files with the settings...?

    In document "OMA DM: Management Object for NATFW" they tell me, that the only config I need is the following:

    <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
    <parm name="APPID" value="w902E"/>
    <parm name="NAME" value="NAT/FW Traversal settings"/>
    <parm name="APPREF" value="Example link to NATFW settings"/>
    <characteristic type="NW">
    <parm name="DOMAIN" value="domain.com"/>
    <parm name="STUNSRVADDR" value="stunserver.domain.com"/>
    <parm name="STUNSRVPORT" value="3478"/>
    <parm name="NATREFRESHTCP" value="1200"/>
    <parm name="NATREFRESHUDP" value="28"/>
    <parm name="CRLFREFRESH"/>
    <characteristic type="NATIAP">
    <parm name="TO-NAPID" value="NAT AP"/>
    <parm name="REFRESHTCP" value="1200"/>
    <parm name="REFRESHUDP" value="28"/>
    <parm name="STUNRETRANSMIT" value="250"/>
    </characteristic><!-- APPLICATION -->

    Is that right?

    Please help me, it's very urgent.


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    Re: Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?

    hi, stuck with the same kind of problem, any progress? can you post here again.

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    Re: Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?

    XML you provide contains SIP/VoIP settings. You should edit it (change STUN server etc) then send it to the target phone. XML can be sent using NowSMS gateway software + cable connected mobile phone. Then received SMS should be saved, after that all sent settings will be activated. XML is necessary because not all settings are avaiolable to change from the phone UI, check Nokia documents for further info.

    If sending with NowSMS please use the following XML header:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE wap-provisioningdoc PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD PROV 1.0//EN"
    <wap-provisioningdoc version="1.2"> <-- not 1.1! NowSMS needs it, check http://www.nowsms.com/discus/messages/1/21953.html -->

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    Re: Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?

    Do you guys know if its any bluetooth tool there you could send those OMA client provisioning files with OTA??

    I simpy tried to send over with my bluetooth computer to my nokia N80, but nothing happend when i tried to load the xml files in the mobile..

    And wich name should the file have?? If you use codes from w9010.txt for exampel, do you name it w9010.xml or what file name do you use??
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    Re: Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?


    If I'm understanding your questions correctly, maybe it would help to take a look at our provisioning API for Nokia VoIP ?

    This will enable you to create over the air configuration messages and see them arrive at your phone.


    describes the data involved in over-the-air message construction.

    Hope this helps
    (( aql.com )) providing mobile voip for nokia handsets

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    Re: Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?


    Is it possible to change the hidden VOIP settings using your provisioning API? specifically :-

    Whether to generate DTMF in-band signalling
    Speech codec selection, order, and codec-specific settings?

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