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    How to configure 6270 for Wireless Internet connectivity

    How can I connect my 6270 with the wireless network using Acess Point.

    I have DSL connection and wireless Acess Point plz tell me the Acess Point Configuration

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    Re: How to configure 6270 for Wireless Internet connectivity

    You can get the Nokia Settings here

    Settings includes:
    Mobile browsing (WAP/GPRS settings)
    Multimedia messaging (MMS settings)
    Internet access point (Internet settings)

    Advanced settings:
    For selected phones/advanced users only. Includes standard settings and settings for:
    Push to talk
    Nokia software (firmware) update over-the-air


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    Re: How to configure 6270 for Wireless Internet connectivity

    lorany21k, 6270 does not support WiFi or WLAN so you cannot get it connected using your DSL WiFi access point.

    The 6270 can get data from Internet using the data connectivity of the cellular network, and Gopal provided the instructions to get the network settings for your phone.

    If you want to use data access from your midlets, then you need to take a few additional steps, see here


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