Hi all,

i am planning a symbian 9.x application, which needs access to the telephony functions. In this case the sis file must be symbian signed.

My idea is to write a small exe application, which handels all actions that needs symbian signing. A second app will be delivered as the user interface, which needs no signing.

Both programs will communicate asynchronous over processes (client/server).

So i can change the gui of the client app and can deliver this app to use telephony functions without new signing processes.

Is that's right? Can small exe programs without a gui (like an api) be symbian signed?

I think so, because the EXE-Start-On-Boot-Api is symbian signed and this application is only an api.

The unsigned client gui will depend on the own symbian signed telephony api. Both will delivered in one sis file (embedded sis).

Thanks for your answers...