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    Smile Multiplayer Sudoku game

    I'm new to programming games with J2ME. I have to program a multiplayer Sudoku game. It should be a server-client application. Could anyone give me an example application like it?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Multiplayer Sudoku game

    Hi junming82! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!:)

    I would like to suggest to try googling and also in Sourceforge for code or similar applications.

    There are quite a lot of Documents in Forum Nokia, which includes MIDP-Networking and Games. This will surely help you to start developing Client Server based Games.
    Please have a look at Java Documentation section of Forum Nokia


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    Smile Re: Multiplayer Sudoku game

    Hi Gopal and all friends of Nokia forum,

    I have tried googling for Sudoku and went to SourceForge to search for it. I could only obtained single player Sudoku game. I had programmed a Mastermind game that allows for 2 people to play but now i would like to develop a Sudoku game that can have more than 2 players playing it. Once a player solve a certain column or row, the results will be displayed on other players' screen. Could anyone suggest or give links where i could possibly learn from?

    Thanks Gopal for your kind reply.

    Thank you..

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    Re: Multiplayer Sudoku game

    hi junming,

    go jave.net, e.g. that project:
    use multiuser bluetooth module in your application, that's add on to that linked project to provide multiuser experience in games (here in 3d related project),


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