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    why Memory full error ??on emulator & devices 3250,5500 for S60 3rd Ed. Browser


    why application gives memory full error ??

    am using s60 3rd edition _MR sdk (S60_3rd_MR).
    in my application am using sample code from Browser & link resolver in the BRCtlsample Example in the sdk

    application works fine when no images is present in data.
    but it give Memory full error on emulator & devices 3250,5500
    when it encounters with image data( it goes to Resolve EmbeddedLinkL resolves some images & gives error)

    it also shows only some images not full content & not all images it overlaps text & images each other & give error Memory full close other application running.(even though there is no app is running)

    it works fine for single image & links ....without any error.

    why it gives memory full error ??

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    Re: why Memory full error ??on emulator & devices 3250,5500 for S60 3rd Ed. Browser

    I created a separate thread for this message

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    Re: why Memory full error ??on emulator & devices 3250,5500 for S60 3rd Ed. Browser

    Hi hanu,

    Without URLs for some example pages that cause the error I can only guess. I'd say that it was because the memory actually is full though!

    Multiple images on a page uses a lot of memory - something those phones don't have!

    Are you using the OSS Browser (Web browser?). If so it is very easy to get that to run out of memory, even when not running anything else. Early firmware for some 3rd edition devices was very poor in that respect. Later firmware was better and would tend not to load images when there wasn't enough memory rather than exit with a memory full error.

    Sorry if that doesn't help much.

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