i have created a sample application, created the sis file using makesis. And genereated the signed sis file using self cerification. I tried to install on the Nokia E60(S60 3rd Edition). it says "unable to install a protected application from an untrusted application supplier"

The below are command lines which used for create a self sign sis file.

create sis file
makesis sampletest.pkg

Create self certification file and private key file
makekeys -cert -password symbian123 -len 20
48 -dname "CN=Test User OU=Development OR=Company CO=FI EM=test@company.com" s
elfkey.key selfcert.cer

sign the sis file with self certification
signsis dvttestharness.sis dvttestharness2.
sis selfcert.cer selfkey.key symbian123

please help anybody for this solution