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    Large data blocks


    I am working on a game for the 7210. What I was doing was building an object that held data for a mission in an array. I declared and defined it as follows:

    private byte _mission_data[][][] =
    the data

    This happens to be a few K worth of data. The first problem I ran into was that this forced the class to span the 32K block code limit. So I moved this out into a separate file. The only problem is that the program now seems to crash when trying to access the data. Is there a problem when accessing large chunks of data? I suppose I could have blown the heap. Since I am using two back buffers in addition to my graphics.

    Any ideas?



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    RE: Large data blocks

    If you have large static arrays (of ints especially) then you're much better off moving the data into a resource file and reading it in at runtime. This will saves lots of class file space.

    There shouldn't be a problem with large arrays, certainly not a few k worth. I've got some pretty large ones in some games.

    You just have to double check the loading routines to make sure they are loading data correctly.

    Hope this helps,


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