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    Serious question: usability with long-distance calling card from NOKIA mobile

    Hello, Developers.

    I have seriosly and interesting question about dialng syntax in Nokia phone.

    I have Nokia 6230i and long-distance calling card.
    To call over this service i must dial: <access number> <connect waiting> <desired number> <#>.

    Now i dialing with syntax: +380681234567p14085264000#

    But it is not usable, because i want to call many different destinations and need to re-type desired number in "Dialed numbers" all time.

    I know, what Motorolla phones haves symbol "n" in dial syntax, which mean additional querying on destination phone number from address book. In case of Motorolla phone I only need to have number +380681234567pn# in address book and all my other numbers in international E164 fomat.
    In this case order of long-distace call is follow:

    1. I dial +380681234567pn# from phonebook;
    2. Phone asks next (desired) number from phonebook and i am choose it;
    3. Phone starts dialing all number sequence;
    4. I am listening Ringback signal from desired called party.

    How can I realise this on Nokia? I can't found "n" symbol - it is not supported.
    May be it is a new feature?

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    Re: Serious question: usability with long-distance calling card from NOKIA mobile

    This forum is for developer's support not product or end user support.
    Nokia end user product support questions should be addressed at Nokia's localized product support forum and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions is http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

    Hope you can get an answer there.


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