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    Question Battery Charge level & Info: Model Support?


    I need to get battery charge level for my application, and I've tried the code below that uses etelbgsm.h:

    TBuf<50> aValue;
    MBasicGsmPhoneBatteryAndPower::TBatteryInfo binfo;
    TInt test = phone.GetBatteryInfo(binfo);
    if (test == KErrNone)
    aValue.Format(_L("BATT CHARGE LEVEL: %d"), binfo.iChargeLevel);

    switch (binfo.iStatus)
    case MBasicGsmPhoneBatteryAndPower::EPoweredByBattery:
    aValue.Append(_L("BATTERY POWERED"));
    case MBasicGsmPhoneBatteryAndPower::EBatteryConnectedButExternallyPowered:
    aValue.Append(_L("EXT PWR CONNECTED"));
    case MBasicGsmPhoneBatteryAndPower::ENoBatteryConnected:
    aValue.Append(_L("NO BATT CONNECTED"));
    case MBasicGsmPhoneBatteryAndPower::EPowerFault:
    aValue.Append(_L("POWER FAULT"));

    I've tested the code on Nokia 6630 and looks like "test" results in KErrNotSupported.

    Can anyone tell my what models are supported by this API? or suggests another API?

    My target SDK is 2nd edition.



    P.S. I've also tried:

    RSystemAgent systemAgent;
    TInt strength = systemAgent.GetState(KUidBatteryStrength);

    But the application panics when connecting to the system agent!
    Welcome Symbian ;-)

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    Re: Battery Charge level & Info: Model Support?

    Goto Technical Library and search for:TSS000338.

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