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    RE: Error in listbox :(

    I am sorry i didn't get solution to the problem

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    Error in listbox :(


    I have created an application which has a list box, it running fine untill now. Wot i have done is that i have created a list box that has icons in the first column and text in the second column. I am creating a CAknSingleGraphicStyleListBox type list box. Now the moment I try to insert the third column I get a runtime error in drawing the listbox. Actually I want to insert some numeric data in the third field.

    The string that i am forming for the list entry is something like this "0\tAshish\t23". Is there any problem in this? One thing more I am prommatically forming this list, by appending similar string to an array, which i finally assign to the listbox.

    Can someone help me out?


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