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    Active server2.1 & toolkit3.1 connectivity problem

    We have installed Nokia Active Server ver 2.1 on windows NT and have toolkit ver 3.1 installed on diff m/c. All the setup done properly. But we are not able to connect to the active server from the same system, not even from the other system using the port 9200,9201. So, not able to run the HelloWorld servlet . We have tried with the URL "http://yourdomain/helloworld".
    1. If you have any idea to solve this problem please reply to me immediately.

    2. Can the toolkit listen for push messages from another server? If so then at which port does it listen ?

    Thanx & Regd

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    RE: Active server2.1 & toolkit3.1 connectivity problem

    1. I would suggest to check immediately :) if server was started correctly and running (All subsystems are up and running - could be checked from NACS Manager).
    Please check your Toolkit settings, you have to use WAP gateway connection, and WAP gateway address should be set to IP address of your NACS machine.
    If everything is ok, please try to load
    http://yourdomain/ with Toolkit and check if any request is shown in NACS console window. NACS logs would be helpful too (you can turn log level to the maximum - Debug 7)

    2. If you check your WAP toolkit Settings->Device Settings-->Push, you can see push ports for connectoin less and connection oriented push.

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