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    Kind request: suggestion

    re.: S40 - 5140i


    Can someone please give us some suggestions. We need to make a "simple" solution for two user only that they are able to send their "status" (i.e. send 1=OK, 2=busy, 3=on the road).

    Sofar we have done the following (but we are getting the feeling that it could be "easier"):
    - created a shortcut to an xhtml-page
    - user will activate shortcut and will see the page
    - will get question to identify himself (user 1=1 and user 2=2) (would like to get ride of this because somehow on the server it should be possible to see from which mobilephone number the page is called .. imho)
    - will get question to send his status
    - will type in 1, 2 or 3
    - will get new screen: HAGO! (have a good one!)

    I appreciate the suggestions - thnx in advance - JWO

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    Re: Kind request: suggestion

    You can automate some of these tasks if they use the same phone, e.g.

    On phone 1:
    Make a bookmark called http://www.yourserver.com/status.asp?user=1

    On phone 2:
    Make a bookmark called http://www.yourserver.com/status.asp?user=2

    Then the status.asp would show 3 links

    ' insert xhtml headers, etc
    response.write "<body>"
    response.write "<a href='mystatus.asp?user=" & x & "&status=1'>OK</a>"
    response.write "<a href='mystatus.asp?user=" & x & "&status=2'>Busy</a>"
    response.write "<a href='mystatus.asp?user=" & x & "&status=3'>On the road</a>"
    response.write "</body>"
    ' insert xhtml footers, etc

    And the mystatus.asp processes the result and returns to the status.asp

    Note: these examples asume asp on the server, you need to adjust if using php or java accordingly

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    Re: Kind request: suggestion

    Dear Spectra1:



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