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    Thumbs up give me some directions

    first of all sorry if i`m posting in the wrong section.
    i`m new to the nokia forum and i joined because i want to learn symbian programming. but..i don`t even know where to start..i have some basic knowledge of c++ (well, not basic, but i`m no ace) and i heard that i can use c++ to write symbian programs.
    i`ve downloaded carbide c++ express but it all seems to fuzzy, i don`t undersatnd a thing. and it asks me for perl...what is perl? i`ve searched for it and finally downloaded an archive but with no installer. really, everything is way too strange, i don`t even know where to start...so i hope some of you can give me some directions and advices.
    i should mention that i`m not into commercial programming..i want to learn to program just for fun...starting with the basics..
    thanks in advance

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    Re: give me some directions

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!

    You may check this blog for a stating: How to Start Symbian OS C++ Development?

    You can do a search in this forum to get any other information.

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    Smile Re: give me some directions

    Hello dear,

    Welcome!!! :)

    Also refer to the following link:
    IDE & SDK

    All the best.

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