Dear All,

My scenario is:
a. Nokia Card Phone 2.0
b. Nokia PC connectivity SDK 1.0 for Nokia Card Phone.
c. application developed using Visual Basic.

I have developed small application wherein the user can log in to my system over web and send SMS to any mobile phone...
So I deliberately need to know whether the message has reached the recipient or not.

If reached, then I need to confirm back to the originator. If not, then also I need to tell the user that his/her message has not reached the recipient..or the recipient number is not available..., becos I am charging the user based in this.

How to check whether my message has been delivered or not???
I have set the property of "StatusReportRequest" and "ReplyPath" to "1".
I checked ShortMsgObj.Status method...but it returns always "0", whether or not the recipient mobile number is available or not??
In the SDK it has been clearly stated that the "Status" property indicate the status of the previously send message.

How to get that status??? Will I get reply as SMS from SMSC that my message has not been delivered? What is meant by status report???

I need this information very urgently.

please help me to sort it out.
Thanks for your time and patience.