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    Question Reading the raw MMS content in s60 3rd

    I am trying to read the raw content of a WAP PUSH (is a wap push sl, for that matter, but my problem apply also to wap si).

    I created a CMsvSessionObserver and got the message loaded in a CClientMmsMtm. Now I am unable to read the content of the message.

    I found as a suggested way this one:

    CMsvEntrySelection* att = messageMmsMtm->GetAttachmentsL();
    TFileName fileName; TBuf<256> buf;
    CPlainText* textAtt = CPlainText::NewL();
    for(TInt i = 0; i < att->Count(); i++) {
    if(messageMmsMtm->AttachmentTypeL(att->At(i)) == MIMETxt) {
    messageMmsMtm->GetAttachmentPathL(att->At(i), fileName );
    textAtt->ImportTextFileL( 0, fileName, CPlainText::EOrganiseByLine );
    textAtt->Extract( buf, 0);

    But GetAttachmentsL() is no more available in S60 3rd. So, HOW I can read such a message?

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    Re: Reading the raw MMS content in s60 3rd

    On 3rd edition applications without AllFiles capability could not access the attachments directly since they reside in a private folder of the Messaging Server. Thus the concept of Attachment Manager has been introduced for accessing attachments. Check it in the SDK Help (MMsvAttachmentManager as I remember).

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