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    nanosystems in Nokia?

    Hei kaikki
    I am an engineering student in France, and I am hesitating about taking a microelectronics and nanotechnology master degree at TKK (helsinki).
    What are my opportunies with such a degree (besides my microelectronics engineering diploma) to work with Nokia?

    Has microelectronics and nanotechnology have any relation with the issues in Nokia?

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: nanosystems in Nokia?

    Yes - to some extent. Nokia uses a lot of microchips for phones. Most of them come from Texas Instruments (TI OMAP). On these chips there are DSP to accelerate certain tasks which have to run on phones. I think DSP algorithms are important for certain Nokia R&D labs.

    I am not a representative of Nokia - so maybe best to wait for some official Nokia response.

    Kind regards,

    Rene Heuven
    Inmote - Creative Smartphone Solutions
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    E-mail: rene@inmote.com

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