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    Extend Server Functions

    In my program, the server have concrete functions (not only communicate the players. He receive data and then return the data modified). If I want to acoplate my game with Snap Mobile can I extend Snap Mobile Server's functions?... I mean... Can I do different calls than ServerComm API offer?

    I could do that the "server functions" of my game would done by a special player that connects with Snap Mobile Server, exactly than the normal players. But... I don't like the idea that de "server" is a mobile too...

    some solution?

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    Re: Extend Server Functions

    In the actual live server developers can also use the asset calls in the API, fetchAsset(), listAssets(), UploadAsset(), etc. With these methods users can save data and modify data on the server. These methods are not available on the server emulator though.

    And for server being used, this guideline is from Standard Game Requirements:
    "The game shall only use the SNAP Mobile servers and services. Use of unauthorized servers by the game is prohibited."

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