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    Property/Config file

    Hi All,

    I want to have a property file of my application to be separete than the sis file so I need not sign the application again and again,
    Is there any way to achieve this.

    In java there is a jad file with the help of which we achieve this.

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    Re: Property/Config file

    You could maybe make the property file as self-signed one. Then you could install it in separate sis to a location that doesn't have data-caging, and ask users to run your application, which could then locate the file, copy it to the private location and mark the file as used.

    Or, if you are required your application to install into branded phones, then you need to get all sis files symbian signed. Anyway, if the property file sis doesn't contain any executables, you'll get it signed as content, which is a lot cheaper than the application signiong.

    And, if you find it still too complicated, then you could maybe re-think your property file distribution, for example you could make your app to connect to your web server to download this file during the first lauch of the application etc.


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