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    Preverifier error

    I tried to run my midlet in 7210 emulator (integrated with Sun ONE Studio ME and Nokia Developers Suite). But I got this error :

    Preverifier Error:

    JAR file creation failed with error -1

    The preverified classes if any are in tmp41.

    Also when I tried to create package using Nokia Developers Suite, I got the same error.
    Anyone know how to fix this? What does the error means?


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    RE: Preverifier error

    We had similar issues when trying to update a jar file in all the IDE's. This is likely due to lack of my experience with the IDEs.
    The only workaround I utilized was to use NDS for J2ME to update the jar file when I made a change to the .java or change a resource (e.g. an image).

    You can try to create the project from scratch in NDS for J2ME. Which it sounds like you probably already did.
    If the Java is correct, this should work just fine.
    What happens when you take a known good working MIDlet, update the .java file (add a space) to make the program think it needs to recompile. Then of course, recompile it, then attempt to update the jar. Perhaps something could be learned from this.

    It sounds like the preverifier is doing its job in catching errors in the java so that KJava does not have to.

    I'm sorry that I was not able to help you explicitly. If you are still having issues with this project, please package all the pieces (source, resources, etc) into a zip file. email them to me at nmit@nokia.com. Include this entire thread in the body of the mail so I'll know what the issue is. I'll be happy to try to reproduce, find a workaround and get your up and running.
    Sorry that you're having this issue.

    Mike Lupo
    Forum Nokia Developer Tools

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