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    To Nokia Representatives: MacOS SDK


    I am a MacOS developer. I can't find any info on MacOS programming for Nokia phones. Maximum that I am able to achieve is communication by the means of AT commands. This is not bad, although I need to read extended phonebook from supported phones (7110, 6310 etc.)

    I can't find any way to read it. Windows programmers can use SDK but what about Macintosh?

    Thank you and hope to get a response.

    Andrey Babak.

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    RE: To Nokia Representatives: MacOS SDK


    At the moment Nokia PC Connectivity SDK is only available for Windows enviroment. However we are considering the possibility to have documentation or tools available for MacOS developers at Forum Nokia, PC Connectivity SDK Developers webpage.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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    Please add my name MacOS X SDK request

    As a Nokia phone owner of many models for many years I wish to add my serious request for a MacOS X SDK for Nokia phone GSM and other connectivity.

    As a developer I wish to build a MacOS X application to do all of the functionality of the Connectivity kit.

    Thank you,

    Ed Cox
    PDQ Software

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    Hear Hear!

    As a Mac user since 1986 and a Nokia user since they first arrived in Australia the absence of decent integration of Nokia data capabilities with Macs has been a constant source of frsutration for me.

    My work as an anthropologist means that I'm out in the Australian outback where CDMA reigns supreme. I've always loved Nokia Products, almost as much as Macs, but the absence of support has meant that I generally have had to buy, and recommend, other brands for data related work in remote parts of Australia.

    If this gets fixed it will make it much easier for me to recommend Nokia to other Mac users without a guilty conscience. Surely it can't be that hard to do!



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    Re: Hear Hear!

    Mac Suite noooooooooooow!

    "[in 2006]Of the 1.33 million Macs sold in the previous quarter, 50% were first time Mac buyers. US$500 million of third party software was sold through Apple stores. The growth rate for Macs was reported as faster than that of the PC market, and Apple's notebook marketshare had doubled (from 6% to 12%), which was attributed to the introduction of the MacBook laptop.
    YES, I have a MAC and a NOKIA, I need RESPECT from Nokia NOW!

    Daniel, Recife, PE, Brazil
    Nokia 6111 owner, iMac owner

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