Hi all,

I have a strange problem when I try to send a SMS Message using alphabet ESmsAlphabetUCS2.
All went well until 10 days ago, then I think my mobileoperator changed something. In fact I'm unable to send SMSs with alphabet ESmsAlphabetUCS2 from my app using my operator. If I change SIM card and use another operator all goes well.

Error that I obtain is:
1. After I call
myEntry->CopyL(*aEntrySelection, iSmsMtmToSend->ServiceId(), iStatus));
System scheduler gives me the following error "Message Sending Failed" - "Wrong phone number or service centre number". I'm sure that all these numbers are right.
2. Message remains in my OUTBOX folder.
3. If I try to send this message manually from my OUTBOX folder it is correctly sent.

With other mobile operators my app goes well.

What are the differences between my call to send my SMS from my app and the call the system makes when I try to send my SMS manually from OUTBOX folder?

Excuse me for my bad english

Thank you in advance for your reply and attention.