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Thread: Audio Recording

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    Audio Recording

    I am recording audio on nokia 6681 and saving it into a file. But the maximum size of the file which is being made is only 128.0 kb. Can anybody please tell me, whats the reason behind this.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Question J2ME+Exception in Audio Recording in AMR encoding

    Hi all,

    I recorded audio in "audio/wav and audio/au format" using,
    code while recording,
    createPlayer("capture://audio?encoding=audio/wav"); and

    now I want to Record Audio in AMR encoding....
    the code sniplet is as follows..
    For createPlayer("capture://audio?encoding=audio/raw");
    java.lang.IllegalParameterException is coming in Nokia device and
    For createPlayer("capture://audio?encoding=audio/amr"); and i tried
    java.lang.NullPointerException is coming in Nokia device.

    so anything to change in createPlayer() while Playback the recorded audio?
    For "audio/wav and audio/au "(for which it is working fine in Nokia device),
    i wrote, Player p2 = Manager.createPlayer(recordedInputStream,"audio/x-wav");

    so please tell me the solution? how to check where that runtime exceptions r coming?

    Thanks and Regards
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    Question Problem in Audio Recording in AMR encoding...

    Hi all,
    Good Morning!

    Actually i was recording in AMR encoding on Nokia 3230, but it doesnt support AMR encoding..so i had done it on Nokia 6680.

    1. I recorded audio and played it back in AMR encoding, and in audio/raw encoding, i recorded audio but cant played it back on Nokia6680 device.

    first i m displaying the audio encoding formats that the specific device supports, and then which audio encoding, the user selects,

    i m recording and played it back in that audio encoding .
    for eg: for audio/amr, i m recording and played it back in audio/amr encoding.
    for audio/wav, i m recording and played it back in audio/wav encoding. like that for others..

    like that for audio/raw encoding, i m recording the voice but while playback it, audio/raw encoding will be selected. but it is not working in that.

    so which encoding to take to playback audio in audio/raw encoding?

    createPlayer() while playing the recorded audio...
    player = Manager.createPlayer(recordedInputStream,encoding);

    2. for Nokia 3230, it shows that.. supports.audio.encoding=audio/wav, audio/au, audio/amr, audio/raw.

    and if Nokia 3230 doesnt support amr encoding then why it shows that supports.audio.encoding=audio/amr for Nokia3230 device?

    hoping to hear from u soon....

    Thanks and Regards...

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    Re: Audio Recording

    I'm a brazilian guy and don't speak english, but I will try... :-)
    I am reading your post in nokia forum about sound recording with java and i found problems in my jme application:
    try {
    // Create a DataSource that captures live audio.
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio");
    // Get the RecordControl, set the record location, and
    // start the Player and record for 5 seconds.
    RecordControl rc = (RecordControl)p.getControl("RecordControl");
    } catch (IOException ioe) {
    } catch (MediaException me) {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) { }

    in the wireless toolkit 2.2 it run perfectly, but in my phone (Nokia 6020 - MIDP 2.0 - CLDC 1.1)

    this code trows a exception:
    "javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Invalid locator: capture://audio"
    what is this?

    i think the problem is in "rc.setRecordLocation("file:/tmp/audio.wav");" but i'm not shure. do you help me with this?

    obs.: do you can send me your code?

    very very thanks,
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    Re: Audio Recording

    Hi zehdopulo! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    I have already posted a reply here

    Please dont make multiple posts in same regard.


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