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Thread: Log In Set Up

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    Log In Set Up

    I have a WAP version of a site with a log in page. Now what I am looking for is a way to prevent log in eveytime by the user, if they log in once, can i set some sort of cookies on their mobile phone so that when they access the page again they dont have to log in. Some sort of unique identifier or cookie???? Any pointers or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Log In Set Up

    yes, you can use cookies, but not all mobile browsers support them or the user can them disabled. That's why you need some error checking (see below)

    Basically what you do is in the page where you've verified the first login correctly, then execute these statements:

    ' save cookies for next login
    on error resume next
    if strPinSave="on" then
    response.cookies("password")= strPassword
    response.cookies("username")= strUsername
    response.cookies("password")= ""
    response.cookies("username")= ""
    end if
    response.cookies("username").Expires= Date+365
    response.cookies("password").Expires= Date+365
    on error goto 0

    On the page where you prompt for the username and/or password (homepage) include this:

    ' use strUsername and strPassword as default in the value='' statements of your <input> tags
    on error resume next
    strUsername= request.cookies("username")
    strPassword= request.cookies("password")
    on error goto 0

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    Thanks a lot. That was of great help.

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    Cookies not supported on Nokia E61 S60 3rd Edition


    I have Nokia E61 with S60 3rd Edition environment. When I access a page of a website, it sets cookies to maintain session. With Nokia E61 when I access this web site, cookies are not avaiable in S60 3rd. ED environment.

    In order to check the existance of cookies I used following javascript code:


    It does not show any cookie information. But when I access the same using opera browser on the same device, all cookies are available.

    I also saw the HTTP header information using Firfox browser, cookie details are available in the HTTP Header.

    I want to know that is there any issue with S60 3rd ED browser related to cookies or there is any other ways the set the same so that it can available to Nokia E61 S60 3rd Edition web browser?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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