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    PC connected with the server

    My question is about the Snap mobile server.

    It's possible that a PC (no mobile simulator, and no midlets) can connect with the Snap mobile server to be a normal player (the PC could send and receive messages from the others players and it could chat with the others, etc)? or all is thought only for midlets?

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    Re: PC connected with the server

    Technically: No reason why it couldn't be made.

    Practically: As far as I'm aware, there is no "native" PC app development interfaces/APIs, or even documentes published of protocols/interfaces, etc., for creating such a PC app.

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    Re: PC connected with the server

    Unfortunatelly we do not have java starndard edition API for SNAP Mobile, so the games need to be developed for mobile phones.

    - Heidi

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