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    Operator Logo/OTA bitmap max vertical size

    What is max vertical OTA bitmap size ? I try to send to Nokia 3310:

    UDH1: 0B0504158200000003010301
    DATA1: 3062F0100A00481C0100F1860F60300787C0FCF9860FF2301ECFE0C1998619F773AB7E10C30D0410F76455BE70F10D0410DDA96A9D78418D34D8DDAA6ADCE6408DF4E8D8EBEADD014078F7E708CDF0CF3E000000000046BC9B840000000000075E79F8000183C00003A072C0001E4FE000

    UDH2: 0B0504158200000003010302
    DATA2: 01D405C003AB7E10003FE80B800455BE7001F8755F00096A9D7801E01FFC000A6ADCE600C7FFF0000BEADD01000F0000000DF0CF3E001F00003F06BC9B84001E0007FF075E79F9C004FCFFFF03A072C0FC01FCF00001D405C0FF07FCF0E03FE80B80FF8FFCFFE0F8755F00F3FE3C7FE0E0

    UDH3: 0B0504158200000003010303
    DATA3: FFC00F0F8387800C7FFF000F0383870000F000000E000387FFE1F0000000000381FFE00

    But I got only 21 first lines of bitmap. How to send full 72x28 logo ?

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    RE: Operator Logo/OTA bitmap max vertical size

    72x28 is the maximum size for picture message and screen saver.
    72x14 is the maximum size for operator logos though some phone
    types support also 72x28 size logos. So it is propably about
    the phone characteristics if you can not see the whole operator
    M, Forum Nokia

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