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Thread: Dial a number

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    Dial a number

    I have been trying to write a WML card with a link which causes the Nokia 7110e to dial a number.

    I have tried the following code, but with no luck.

    Tel: 0117 963 6316

    Any suggestions?


    Posted by Crispin Taverner, webmaster@cursor.com

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    RE: Dial a number

    Posted by Robert Grupe, robert.grupe@augustone.com

    : WTAI is not supported by Nokia phones (((((

    The Nokia 7110 has a feature "Use Number" that looks through a card for what it thinks of as phone number.

    So all you need to do is enter a line with a phone number for instance:
    Tel +44 20 555 1234.

    Then what the user does is they click their Options button, and then select "Use Number" from the available options.

    Not as slick as a hyperlink click using WTAI, but I'm afraid the best that can be done at the moment.

    BTW - If you try using a WTAI link on the phone number, then the "Use Number" feature will not work on the phone.

    This is all I have been able to determine from personal tinkering, but it would be nice if someone could get a Nokia developer to post a more indepth description here and also get the documentation clarified.

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