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    Question send text file to message

    hi all symbian developer....
    i have a problem about how to send text file to message......
    ex: i have a text file (A1.txt) and in the i use "Send->via text message"
    and all the contain in A1 show in write message..
    , do you know the code to deal with my question...? i really hairless about that... please help me!!!!

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    Re: send text file to message

    You could you RFile ro read the file into a buffer, then you could use CSendAppUI to send it as a SMS (you would set the text as a body).


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    Question Re: send text file to message

    thank Symbianyucca for your reply....but CSendAppUI can send as only ASCII . i want to send UNICODE, but i dont want to use mtm. i want to load a file into the buffer and send it to Original Text Message and then use Original message to send. i try to use CreateAndSendMessageL but it request (WriteDeviceData ReadDeviceData) but i want to use selfsign. Do you have any idea?.

    i try to use
    void CFindItemTestAppContainer::SendKey1()
    const TUid KPhoneUidWmlBrowser1 = { 0x100058C5}; //message id
    TUid id1( KPhoneUidWmlBrowser1 );
    TApaTaskList taskList1( CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession() );
    TApaTask task1 = taskList1.FindApp( id1 );

    TKeyEvent keyEvent;
    keyEvent.iCode = 1E00;
    keyEvent.iModifiers = 0;
    keyEvent.iRepeats = 0;

    in s60 v6,7,8 work perfect but in v9 nothing happen....
    and i try to use WsEvent and still the same...
    please help me....

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    Re: send text file to message

    you require the capability and cannot simply self sign this kind of application !
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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