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    how to access forn camera

    dear all,

    does any body know how to access front camera with j2me???

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    Re: how to access forn camera

    4.8 Recording sound and video
    Sound and video recording can be done by using RecordControl. On the S60 platform, sound and video
    recording is supported from 2nd Edition onwards. Series 40 platform supports sound recording from 3rd
    Edition, FP1 onwards. You can check the support by using the following system properties:
    • supports.audio.capture - for audio recording
    • supports.video.capture - for video recording
    These properties return true if recording is supported.
    When creating a Player for audio or video capture, or specific capture, the locator URL must be used as a
    parameter to the createPlayer method of the Manager class. The following code line creates a
    Player instance for audio capture:
    Player p = Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio");
    Camera snapshot for pictures or video recording use the following locators:
    • Series 40 platform:
    • capture://image (for photo capture)
    • capture://video (for video recording)
    • S60 platform:
    • capture://video (for video recording and image capture)
    • capture://devcam0 (for video recording and image capture)
    • capture://devcam1 (second camera, if the device has two cameras)
    • Audio capture locator:
    • capture://audio
    You can also define the exact recorded media type to the locator URL. The supported parameters vary
    between platforms and devices. Note that SDKs might not support capture features at all, so testing should
    be done with the actual mobile devices.
    REF: MIDP: Mobile Media API Developer's Guide v2.0


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    Re: how to access forn camera

    Found this sourceforge open source project
    that uses J2ME to capture snapshot
    from camera then manipulated the image
    by the RGB (according to the website).

    I tried the .jar and .jad files, seems to work for me.


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