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    How to use *.png files with 50 % transparency in Carbide.ui??

    I'm about to create a perfect iPhone theme for all Series60 3rd Edition phones. But to finish this job you need to help me.
    I need to create banner and icons with transparency. (e.g. 50% transparency or a bar with 0% transparency going to 100% transparency)
    In Photoshop I created *.png files, but when I load them into Carbide.ui, it won't recognize the transparency.

    I already tried out the thing with adding a background layer...didn't help in this case.
    Could please somebody help me out?

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    Re: How to use *.png files with 50 % transparency in Carbide.ui??

    At the time, I only know a solution for the icons, perhaps it may help for other parts of your theme, too:
    Rightclick an icon in the Carbide UI and select "Open image in Bitmap editor". In the "SVG Conversion confirmation" window, uncheck "preserve mask". In PS, copy and paste your own icon into the image. Delete the layer with the "old" (default) icon and set the remaining layer (with your own icon) to the transparency value of your choice. Now create a new, empty layer and merge the two layers via "merge visible". Save, close and switch back to Carbide UI.

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    Re: How to use *.png files with 50 % transparency in Carbide.ui??


    You can set in bitmap images the transparency using the mask. The mask has 8 bits. White denotes what is visible from the image, black what is not. If you use dark grey in mask for regions where the image is visible(instead of white) it will make the image partly transparent. In this way with the help of grades of shade you can set the transparency.

    However I would rather recommend to use vector graphic (svg images) instead of bitmaps...

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