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    Devenagri Unicode Font for Nokia 6600

    Hi friends,

    I need ur help if u have any idea....

    I have a Word file "Bhartiya Lok Khathaye" in Hindi(devenagari) Unicode Font (Arial Unicode MS).

    I want to read it on my Nokia 6600... but Nokia 6600 doesnt support unicode fonts :-(

    Now I just got Hindi+English Unicode Font in TTF format from internet & converted to Mobile font file (.GDR) by EASY GDR CREATOR and sent the same to my cell.

    I Created c:\system\fonts folder & copied the font file there & restrart my cell.

    Now My system font changed according to that font file but still I m not able to read Hindi Unicode :-(

    there is no display of hindi unicode character display :-(

    do u have any Idea what to do Or How to display Unicode characters in Nokia 6600?

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    Re: Devenagri Unicode Font for Nokia 6600

    Search for unicode here and you will find several threads. I think you might have already done this to find GDR creator. Knowing if you are in Java or Symbian C++ would help.

    This is not the proper forum for tech questions so if you can tell me where to move this thread I'll move it. If not then I'll have to just move it to general and don't know if anyone will see it.


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