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    Picture SMS and 7110

    Hi all, I have still a problem with sending a picture SMS to other mobile phones using my Nokia 7110. I can send operator logo, group logo and melody, but the problem is with sending picture SMS.

    I have copied the example from the FAQ (from this site) but nothing happend. Each of the 3 concetenated messages that I'm trying to send are send correctly with no error message from the operator. But the recipient will not recieve any of them.

    Could anybody help me with this problem?

    thanks a lot, Daniel Valek

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    RE: Picture SMS and 7110


    Could you tell us exactly what you are doing, please post a PDU dump as well.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    How To Send A group Logo

    May I know how to send the group logo?
    The Destination port for sending the operator logo is 1582 and how about the destination port for the group logo?


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