Hi all,
I’m Korean Programmer I’ve tried to download my MIDlet to Nokia N80 and installed environments and programs like “nS60_jme_sdk_3rd_e.zip”, “carbide_j_v1_5.zip”, “eclipse-SDK-3.1.1-win32.zip”.
My MIDlet has been created on compatibility CLDC-1.1 and MIDP_2.0.

Using ‘Carbide.j Eclipse Integration’, I was successful in downloading my MIDlet to N80. But I met one problem yesterday. So, Please Help Me!!
The problem is that the response from Server is not arriving at the Phone (N80) although the request from N80 is going to Server and works on the Server is OK.
I think there’s a problem on setting values while I make the Application Package, the jar and jad file using Carbide.j

Carbide.j has a Push registry setting tab and it allows an inbound network connection or a timer-based event to launch a MIDlet.
The push attributes contain some information: Key, Connection URL, Class and Allowed Sender.
Following values are provided in ‘Carbide_j_Users_Guide.pdf’ as an example.
-Key: MIDlet-Push-1
-Connection URL: socket//.91 (I don’t know what this value means. Especially ‘.91’..)
-Class: HawkMIDlet
-Allowed Sender:

And another followings are what I tried to set
-Key: MIDlet-Push-1
-Connection URL: socket:// (or “socket//.25550”)
-Class: Pbb (name of My MIDlet)
-Allowed Sender:

OK.. and then please let me know where I made a mistake..
If there are anyone who have an experience in using Carbide.j, help me, please.

Seung-hee from Korea