Appreciate any help on this:
I've a midlet with classes extending the FullCanvas class, built & packaged (without obfuscation) under WTK104. As the built-in retroguard can't automatically recognize the Nokia API classes, I wrote a retroguard scriptfile as follows

.class com/JwfpMidlet public
.class com/* public
.class java/lang/* protected
.class java/lang/Class protected
.class java/lang/ClassLoader protected
.class javax/microedition/rms/* protected
.class javax/microedition/io/* protected
.class javax/microedition/lcdui/* protected
.class javax/microedition/lcdui/Canvas protected
.class javax/microedition/midlet/* protected
.class com/nokia/mid/ui/* protected

[tried preserving everything]

and ran retroguard using the WTK104 packaged JAR as the input JAR.

It successfully obfuscated, loaded onto 7650, but failed to run: no response when you click on the midlet name.
I tried to run the obfuscated JAR on 60MIDP emulator; & it gives me a ClassNotFoundException: JwfpMidlet on the console.

Is the failure with my scriptfile [anything I missed]; with FullCanvas [I tried the exact sequence with a test midlet without Nokia API & it worked]; with my directory structure [I placed the midlet under com/ (not Nokia API's com)]; or anything else.

Anyone successfully deployed/ran obfuscated midlets with FullCanvas on actual phones?